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Pillow Pleasures - Sélicious Teas
Pillow Pleasures - Sélicious Teas
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Pillow Pleasures

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Introduce yourself to the ultimate tea experience with Pillow Pleasures.

This premium blend of black tea from Sri Lanka and Kenya, cinnamon, calendula and sunflower petals, has been specially curated to create a warm and comforting aroma. The black tea provides a rich and bold flavour while the cinnamon adds a touch of spice. The calendula and sunflower petals give a subtle sweetness and also have added benefits for the skin.

This blend has been designed to provide a luxurious and comforting tea experience, with an emphasis on premium ingredients and unique flavour profile. Perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating tea experience.

Enjoy a cup of Pillow Pleasures to rejuvenate your day.

Luxury Ingredients

  • Black Tea (from Sri Lanka and Kenya): A rich and bold base.
  • Vanilla Bean: Adds a luxurious, creamy note.
  • Cinnamon: Infuses warmth and comfort.
  • Calendula & Sunflower Petals: A touch of floral elegance.
Why Choose Pillow Pleasures?
  • Rich and Comforting: The ultimate bedtime indulgence.
  • Creamy Dream: Vanilla and black tea for a soothing experience.
  • Floral Touch: Calendula and sunflower petals for elegance.
  • Caffeinated Boost: Perfect for a cozy evening.
  • Lullaby in a Cup: Drift into sweet dreams with each sip.
Brewing Instructions
  1. Boil fresh water.
  2. Steep using our Crystal Téa Infuser if loose, or 1 teabag of Pillow Pleasures for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Sip and let the embrace of this blend guide you into a peaceful slumber.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Love this tea!

    I'm obsessed with this tea! 😍 It smells amazing and tastes really delicious!

    Maria R.
    Great purchase!

    Definitely a great purchase of mine! Who would've thought that I'll be fall in love with this flavourful and aromatic blend of Pillow Pleasures! 🥰

    Tabitha Davis
    A must go-to

    Like a warm cozy hug in a cup!

    Aaliyah Smith
    Good all season tea

    Definitely a new must have for me. The taste is authentic and delicious!