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How Properly Brew Tea

3 Things You Need to Consider:

  1. The quantity of leaves you put in.  Around 1 tablespoon per cup.
  2. Water temperature – let the water cool a bit.  No scalding hot water.  For nice green or oolong teas wait until there is no more steam coming off the top of the kettle before you pour over the leaves.
  3. Steep times:
    • Around 3-5 min for black and oolong teas.
    • Around 4-6 min for herbal teas.
    • Around 2-3 min for green teas.

If You Want Your Teas Stronger:

  • Add more tea leaves instead of steeping for longer.
  • If you steep longer with caffeinated teas, you’ll likely end up with a bitter, over-caffeinated cup which is not really nice.