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Why Sélicious Teas?

You might be wondering why you should buy Sélicious Teas Tea Blends instead of other over the counter brands or from what is available at your local Bagel or Donut shop. Tea is all the same ... right?

We created Sélicious Teas for 2 reasons:

1. Many store bought teas are very dry, the flavour is not really there. Those that sell tasty teas are full of artificial sugar, non-organic flavouring and generally not really that good. You can see Cane Sugar and Artificial flavours in some of their information. Who wants that? and

2. We created with the idea that making love is an art, Sélicious Teas blends are created for your relationship reach seventh heaven pleasures!


We experimented and tested our blends until we where completely satisfied with all the flavours. We didn't want to compromise on taste just to make the process easier! So when you taste our blends you're getting the authentic and delicious flavour.


Have you ever experienced bitter tea before? You probably left it in the water for too long or the water was too hot. Unlike coffee tea needs specific tea and temperatures to get the right amount of flavour. You can check out our Sip Tips section for an easy to follow guide to get the most out of your tea and enjoy it with your loved ones.


Being a nutritionist, healthy and all-natural food has always been important to us. All of our products are organic. They are simply a mixture of the best teas and herbs. No preservatives, colouring or artificial ingredients.